Fiber ~ Baskets ~ Beads

Welcome to Applewood Farm

Glad you stopped by… grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell..

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As a sheep farmer for many years and handiwork artisan and craftsman for most of my life…
as well as a wife and mom.. naturally all merged making life delightful,
a bit dastardly and .. at times dubious…

                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

What I do is meditative to me… the thumping rhythm of the loom … the perpetual mesmerizing motion of the spinning wheel drawing fibers through my fingers creating yarns…  rowing up beads of molten glass, connecting them with a gossamer thread into tokens or ornaments  ….. or the tactical fingering of wood fibers weaving in and out creating a basket to hold treasures or…
Giving workshops watching as eyes light up with new discoveries.

All bring great joy to me.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

 Bits and pieces, buttons and beads,
fibers twisted and plied,
 left over bits of fabric, scraps of wood.. 
All are rescued to a new life. 

Some of my favorite tools…

 Spinning wheel… and fibers
Looms, little and big, simple and not…
Shuttles, all sizes and types, sleek and
Ball winder, a clever little dude,
Saws, big and little…
Hammer and side cutters, can’t farm without them,
Paint and brushes…

Love my computer even if it confounds me!

A cup of coffee and a bowl of ice cream!  

 I  invite you to visit my ETSY shop  


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