Oh Boy..

      As a kid I sure didn’t like rag rugs… funny thing happened after I grew up, started weaving and was strangely drawn to, of all things… Rag Rugs!!  I believe the ‘Hollywood‘ pattern the old Newcomb looms came already threaded with opened my thoughts to the amazing possibilities..  

I realized I could use any draft to make a rug, it didn’t have to be the conventional two shaft over and under plain weave.  I liked the idea of choosing and planning the colors to use rather than the hit and miss… I suppose that comes somewhat from working with color painting for many years.  

Rugs actually became the focus of my weaving.  

I love and choose the hefty old rug looms with their darkened aged woods along with the bumps and bruises of working hard or from years of neglect stashed away in an attic or old shed.  Finding old looms and refurbishing them is part of the joy.  My rug looms are quite old, we have a pretty fair understanding of life.

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