Wagon Wheel Rug

 A simple woven rug, no weaving experience or equipment required.  All you need is a ring and rags, thats all the pioneers had.  The directions have step by step photos and will work with any size ring from inches to feet.

The Wagon Wheel was a bit of a walk back in history for me.. My first year at Dwood I was looking for something that could be a nice hands on interaction with the public..  Id heard of this simple rug but was concerned if it was just a neat idea and a cool story or actually did start with the pioneers weaving on wagon wheel rims.  There is reference of a resurgence of them back in the 1930s, mainly in Alaska.  I needed to know the facts one way or another before promoting the history.

My best documentation was from elderly folks who referred to their senior family members accounts of wagon travel and the round woven rugs.  Probably the best was from a lady in Tenn and the story is in the pattern at the time I was just sharing the idea so didnt even ask her name  I was asked so often to make my directions available in a pattern so eventually I did.

The ring you see on the pattern cover is actually a 10 piece of conduit I bent into a circle with a pipe bender..  It makes about a 32 rug.  Its light, sturdy and very portable. 

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